Providing persistent situational awareness for ISR

The Challenge

Persistent Situational Awareness (SA) is one of the single greatest force multipliers in military operations. The most engaged military unit operating today is the small unit. These units traditionally have the least amount of persistent SA capabilities due to the lack of supporting infrastructure. Few portable, quick-deploy solutions exist that provide persistent SA.

The PARC Solution

PARC is built tough to operate where soldiers live, available when they need it, for as long as they need it. While other small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) measure endurance in minutes, PARC’s is measured in hours and days. Whether it is used for day/night surveillance, communications, or other sensor management, PARC performs in the most austere environments with the flight duration to meet any mission need; in weather conditions that ground other small UAVs. Autonomous flight with no piloting skills means no significant training is required and frees the operator to focus on the returned sensor data.

Key Benefits


PARC is an enterprise-grade tethered drone that is all-weather capable to mil-spec. It performs in high winds with industrial strength reliability.