Oil & Gas


Provide rapid incident response for hazardous situations

The Challenge

Oil & gas companies face major challenges inspecting, and monitoring diverse infrastructure, and responding to incidents. Workers are placed at risk performing manual and time-consuming inspections. Non-tethered drones present safety concerns in hazardous areas and have limited flight time. Few alternatives exist that provide rapid incident response with full visibility to the status and condition of company assets.

The PARC Solution

The PARC system provides oil & gas companies with an immediate solution to incident response, monitoring, and inspection. PARC deploys in less than 5 minutes providing payloads with 30x aerial zoom, thermal imaging, communication, or sensor packages. Unlimited ground power via the PARC’s Kevlar-reinforced tether eliminates interrupted flights and flyaways. PARC stays under full control in hazardous and secure areas, within its tether-defined flight zone.

Key Benefits


PARC is portable and rapidly deployable. The logistical footprint enables your team to launch PARC from the most austere of locations.