Sprint COO Explains Magic Box Flight


In this video, Sprint Technology COO Günther Ottendorfer, talks you through the test flight of #MagicBox on our PARC drone:  http://tinyurl.com/CyPhySprintMagicBox


“Today we are in rural Texas 30 miles outside of Dallas for the next extension of our toolbox.  We have here a Sprint aerial small cell.  We are developing this together with our partners, CyPhy and Airspan.

This aerial small cell is designed to be a rapidly deployable, cost-effective solution.And in our initial testing, it’s operating on our 2.5 GHz spectrum. By putting a small cell into the sky we can literally fly in data services to areas we otherwise might not be able to reach. And it’s covering up to 10 to 20 square miles.

We are testing it for use during concerts, sport events, or natural disasters such as hurricane or flooding.  We know how important our role is to provide communications to first responders and provide a lifeline to our customers.

In this case, we can say there is magic in the air.”

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