Aria PARCThe Future of High-Powered Commercial Drones

The Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications platform, also known as PARC™, is a breakthrough in drone technology that finally opens the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market to commercial customers. By providing stable, secure, autonomous flight, PARC allows you to focus on the business mission, rather than on controlling the UAV.

Aria’s patented microfilament tethered system* provides secure communication and ensures continuous flight, lasting for days, rather than the standard minutes of most battery-powered UAVs. Our tether is extremely durable and capable of keeping PARC anchored to one location thus eliminating the risk of drifting and fly-aways, yet it is as thin as a headphone cord.

PARC is easily portable, quick to assemble, extremely rugged, and resistant to wind, precipitation, and airborne debris. Capable of flying in adverse weather conditions and high winds, PARC can reach an operational altitude of 400 feet, the current legal limit assigned by the FAA.



PARC is able to support a wide variety of payloads, it can even hold two at once. From cameras to communication equipment to environmental sensors, PARC is capable of carrying any payload(s), up to 6 pounds total weight, to 400’ operational altitude, per FAA regulations.

Camera Payloads

Radio/Communications Payloads

Specialty Payloads

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*US Patents 7,510,142, 7,631,834, and others pending.