These three main principles guide us in our pursuit to create technology that pushes boundaries.


Users First

We start with understanding the user and their unique challenges and objectives and design solutions that improve their operations. Based on an understanding of current limitations we envision new approaches that will solve the right problems for the users. Our solutions become remote partners because they are purpose built. Usable autonomous behaviors allow the user to focus on their mission and solve problems rather than flying a vehicle.

Rapid Innovation

We draw on cutting edge research and advancements in adjacent technology to rapidly prototype, develop and deliver innovative solutions. Agile development methods are utilized to quickly and iteratively prototype integrated hardware and software concepts as we drive towards novel solutions. Our high-power team has expertise in aerospace, robotics, software, controls, perception, and analytics, as well as experience in building successful businesses and high impact technology solutions. Together we can solve almost any problem and we have fun doing it jointly.

Changing the Game

As a workforce multiplier, we empower users to access the unreachable, see the imperceptible and synthesize information across facilities and operations. Our remote partners allow users to digitize their world. We are motivated and inspired by changing the game for our users, removing people from dangerous places, and ultimately saving lives.



PARC uses our patented microfilament tether to deliver secure communication. The direct connection between the PARC air vehicle and the ground can’t be intercepted, jammed, or spoofed.