CyPhy’s PARC Sails Boston



CyPhy Works flew two Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC) systems for Massachusetts State Police during Sail Boston’s Grand Parade of Sail Saturday, June 17.

The highly anticipated event was designated one of the highest security risks in the country this year, ranking behind only a handful of national events such as the presidential inauguration, which also received Special Events Assessment Rating (SEAR)1 classification.  Several factors prompted the Department of Homeland Security to label Sail Boston as SEAR 1 including the potential of 3 million spectators, complex geography involving land and sea, and the arrival of foreign ships and dignitaries.

The National Special Security Event rating for Sail Boston is higher than the recent Boston Marathon’s rating.  CyPhy also flew two PARC systems with camera payloads at the Marathon for Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) as a new tool for teams in several emergency operations centers (EOC).  Live stream video from the PARC drones was fed to EOCs for federal, state and local leaders and race operation staff to use to identify potential threats and respond.  

PARC was developed to meet military and public safety sector’s needs for hours of surveillance. PARC’s patented microfilament tether provides power and secure communications.  It can flies for hours or days while carrying camera, communications and radar payloads.  


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