FAA Administrator Meets CyPhy

The FAA Administrator Huerta visits CyPhy Works booth at AUVSI’s Xponential 2017

CyPhy Works’ CEO, Lance Vanden Brook, explains to FAA Administrator, Michael Huerta, how PARC, our Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications system, works. The tethered drone’s flight and payload applications are powered from ground.  The continuous power allows for long flight time and is currently used by the U.S. military for nighttime surveillance operations. The camera payload provides by EO and IR (night vision) images.

The FAA (Twitter @FAANews) – “Now visiting @cyphworksinc. They deliver rugged solutions for UAS commercial ops. #auvsiXPO”

Video source: https://www.pscp.tv/FAANews/1MnxnaOeqrdJO?t=11

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