See you @CERAWeek


We are super energized to let everyone know that we will be participating at CERAWeek gathering in Houston, Texas next week! And even more energized that Helen Greiner will be honored as one of CERAWeek’s Energy Innovation Pioneers for 2017.

At panels and in her speech, Helen will address drone innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of energy industry needs, to help industry leaders optimize their drone strategies.

CyPhy is dedicated to providing persistent aerial solutions for any industry. Our PARC™ tethered drone is a great fit for remote onshore and offshore oil and gas industry sites, offering multi-day flights, the ability to remain safely in the desired perimeter, and easy autonomous piloting leaving you do your job. PARC is also easy to transport to where you need it. All this in austere conditions and weather that would ground other drones. Payload platform capabilities can include day and night cameras, 4g radios, communications extenders, and a variety of other sensors.

Don’t miss Helen give the big picture on drones Wednesday morning (echoed on CERAWeek Live), then pop by to see us at the Agora Technology Demonstration Showcase that afternoon. Use the CERAWeek app or reach out to us on Twitter @cyphyworks. See you there!

Helen’s Talk @CERAWeek

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