Why PARC’s still the Marathon Drone


For the second year, CyPhy Works flew PARC – the tethered drone – to provide persistent aerial views of the Boston Marathon. This year was more difficult for racers, law enforcement, and marathon officials because of the intense weather.  The rain, cold, and strong winds made just being outside difficult, let alone making your away along 26.2 miles.

The conditions kept most air assets grounded, except for PARC.   We flew for hours.  Our live stream video into the Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) provided hundreds of local, state, and federal agencies the ability to detect, assess, and respond to activity along the route.

PARC is built for persistence and autonomous flight.  It’s portable,  weatherized, and rapidly deployable making it ideal for 24/7 surveillance and situational awareness. This is vital for marathons and events where Homeland Security is of the utmost importance.

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